It is 2019 another year of transformation. As an entrepreneur, you need to start an online store. Continuing to operate only a physical store in this era is the best formula to failure. Nowadays, customers are turning to online shopping. Days for queuing in in-store waiting to be served are long gone. Today, online shopping is becoming a norm. As you start your online selling journey, selecting an e-commerce platform is the first step. The platform you choose determines your next move.
Your platform determines whether you will succeed or fail. With the rising demand in the e-commerce sector, everyone is seeking an opportunity to get a share. Developers are coming up with e-commerce platforms. Some of these platforms are unreliable. As a new webpreneur, selecting the right platform to build your online store can be a challenging affair. Now, with this article we will show you how to build an online store in 2019 and the top 3 platforms that you can use to build it. Here they are:


Shopify is the kingmaker in the online selling. This cloud-based software platform came into existence in 2006. As a new entrant, Shopify is a perfect choice. This platform supports your business from scratch until it reaches the enterprise level. Shopify offers you affordable plans depending on business level. With it, you can set up an online store for small, medium, or enterprise business.
Apart from this, Shopify comes with a package of useful applications that enhance your sales and inventory management. It is a mobile and social media friendly. With this selling, your items through different interfaces become an easy thing. Shopify is a house of more than 400,000 online stores. This number is an indicator of its reliability and trust. Lastly, this platform leads in the innovation arena. Updating its software happen regularly. Hence, cybercriminals and hackers find it hard to hack your store. To take a closer look at Shopify’s platform and how does it work,


Are you a person who loves taking home the whole bread? You do not love losing a piece of your profit. Well, BigCommerce is a good idea. This platform allows you to set up an online store and launch your virtual journey. The platform does not charge transaction fees. So, upon paying your monthly fees, you continue making sales and retaining your entire profit. Also, BigCommerce offers an opportunity to choose between paid or free website templates. These templates are highly responsive and customizable. Hence, your store becomes easily accessible through any device regardless of its screen size.
Also, it is a mobile and social media friendly. You face zero hurdles when connecting your site to social platforms. However, this platform has some shortfalls which include lacking enough features for managing your business. Also, it has a few free templates which hinder the uniqueness of your online store.


As a webpreneur, being unique is in your blood. Your desire of standing out from the crowd and be noticeable. Also, uniqueness helps you in the branding process. Online visitors always love unique websites. So, your chances of topping in your niche become high. If you desire to stand out, Magento is the right platform for creating your online store. This platform is an open source.
By this, it means you have an opportunity to create your store from scratch. Also, it has top ranking extensions that can help you to boost your business profitability and productivity. However, you need some coding knowledge to realize this objective. Or else, you must have access to an expert who can help you to design a great online store. For this reason, this platform may not be a good option for startups or webpreneurs struggling with finances.

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