Top Products to Sell in 2019

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Top Products to Sell in 2019

If you wish to start up an online business and be successful, there are three things you need: 1) the drive to be successful, products that are in demand, profitability and lastly, the skills required to market the product. If you’re planning to set-up an ecommerce website, 2019 is the perfect time to do so. It is the perfect time to bring out new products, explore new markets and produce new ads.

This article will list down the latest product trends to expect in the year 2019, and what you could sell online.

  1. Shapewear

Shapewear is one of the best niche category to start your online store with. By the year 2022, the market of shapewear is predicted to reach a high of around $5.6 billion in sales.

  1. Plaid Shirts for Men

This is again a good option to start-off as it has become one of the biggest fashion trend since the end of 2018. Furthermore, each year, the search for plaid shirts increase as a seasonal trend. Therefore, you can expect a high demand and a profitable start if you plan to choose this as your product.

  1. Bow Ties

We have a fashion industry that is evolving continuously, trends come and bring various opportunities for entrepreneurs. Bow Ties are an item that have become increasingly common and trendy nowadays. This popularity can be checked from Google Trends as the most searched product.  This makes it a good opportunity for entrepreneurs to start-off with this product.

  1. Automotive Accessories

Digital automotive accessories are becoming more common nowadays, as cars have started to increasingly become digital. An example of such product is a car projector. This projector showcases water temperature, speed of engine, battery voltage and many other things.

  1. Smartwatches

 The demand for smart watches keeps on increasing day by day. Every year, there is a global sale of around 1.2 billion smart watches. The number and demand keeps on increasing, especially amongst men. Furthermore, this demand will continue to increase in the near future as well. Therefore, if you’re planning to start an ecommerce business, smart watches can bring in a lot of profit. Instagram and Facebook are considered to be the best platforms for setting up a watch store. However, you need to research well and choose the perfect platform for your business. Also, you need to be skilled in marketing the product.

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